The Garden Tower Project combined innovation with ecological science and advanced engineering to develop a multi-patented, vertical
gardening system known as the Garden Tower.  The Garden Tower is the highest performing soil-based gardening system available.  

The all-new Garden Tower 2 is the culmination of four years of extensive testing by thousands of Garden Tower users across North America. First-time Gardeners, Master Gardeners, Environmental Scientists,
Commerical and Community Gardeners, and Ecological Educators in more than forty institutions consistently rely on the ease and efficiency of this system.  The Garden Tower 2 incorporates many widely
requested features and numerous funtional enhancements to the well proven Garden Tower system.

The Garden Tower was engineered to optimize soil-to-compost ratios to allow plant roots direct access to organic fertilizer via the patented vermicompost column. Mature plant roots naturally find the nutrient rich vermicompost contained in the column through the numerous perforations designed to provide unrestricted access.  


Starting with a high quality potting soil (free of synthetic nutrient salts or fertilizers), add  compostable kitchen scraps into the vermicompost₁ column.  

After one week of kitchen scrap additions, add ½ to 2 cups of red wiggler worms to accelerate the composting cycle.  Worms are available through a GTP partner, on the internet, or locally in many communities.  The addition of nightcrawlers to the Garden Tower further boosts nutrient transport and compost productivity in the system, but is not essential.  

As kitchen scraps decay, the worms digest the decaying matter and transform it into worm castings.  The natural activity of worms substantially increases the rate of decomposition of kitchen scraps creating an organic nutrient source (or natural fertilizer) which is directly available to the plants!   

The worms continually transform kitchen scraps into fertilizer creating a self-contained, nutrient dense, organic fertilizer system.  Dissolved and entrained nutrients are tranported through the soil column with every watering of the Garden Tower.  Excess “nutrient tea” is conveniently captured in the specially engineered nutrient collection drawer after heavy watering and is returned to the top of the tower’s soil column periodically.  

Nutrient rich, aerobic, highly organic and biologically active soil equals healthier, more productive plants!  The finished compost or worm castings are easily harvested seasonally and incorporated into the soil as a rich, high quality amendment.

The Garden Tower's easy to access nutrient collection drawer was designed to systematically collect 100 % of unused water to conserve and recycle nutrient back inti the Garden Tower. The base has an integrated bearing track with offers effortless 360 degrees rotation for easy access to plants and sunlight. The bearings are rust and waterproof for years of maintenance and hassle free use.

The bearing design feature lets the gardener easily choose just the right amount of sunlight to maximise plant health and productivity. Additionally, it offers an easy way for school-age children, seniors and the physically challenged to comfortably garden nearly everywhere.

The durable sliding compost filter gate directly above the nutrient collection drawer is multi purpose. It is used to secure the vermicompost as it accumulates, but is easily removed to collect the fertiliser in the collection drawer when the column is full. The filter gate is fully perforated to improve drainage and maximise aeration of the aerobic vermicompost column. Exess water will collect in the drawer.

To empty the compost into the collection drawer simply pull the compost filter gate half way out. The dry compost will load into the nutrient collection drawer. This you can use to spreas evenly on top of the Garden Tower or use it for other plants.


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