How to setup your Garden Tower

In three short movies you can watch how to set up your Garden Tower. Your Garden Tower will also come with an extensive manual. You will need aproximately 6 cubic feet (170 liters) of potting soil.

Please pay attention to the following:

The basis of the Garden Tower consist of the basis with the drawer and the slit and the lowest ring. There is a ballbearing in between to allow the Tower to rotate. Be sure to keep this as one piece while unpacking. First click in the feet and place the Tower base upright on a solid surface.  And , off course, at the place where you want it to be since it will not be easily moved once filled.

Take care to distribute the potting soil evenly around the segments of the composting tube. This will then stay upright and in the center. You may find it practical to fill the tower "ring by ring".  It will be easier to distribute the potting soil and allow you to place the seedlings directly. 

You may consider it a smart move to make a note of which plants you put where (-).  


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