Garden Tower in school

Using the Garden Tower in teaching.
The  Garden Tower can used to teach pupils of all levels in biology, agriculture and ecology and environmental issues. It is fun for all ages.


The ingenious but simple design, the crazyy, creepy crawly worms and the fast results appeal to the curiosity of young garderners. This makes the Garden Tower a very valuable part of your school garden projects. Show the youngest where vegetable come from and teach the higher levels about the value of organic gardening and agriculture.

Using the Garden Tower you can introduce pupils to issues as diverse as local food production, the value and dangers of fertilisers and pesticides, roof top gardening and many other issues you will think of.

We want to team up with you if have a school garden or are thinking about  starting one. We have done so with others and will share those ideas. Drop me an email if you have ideas on the subject, we will work something out.

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